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Piper Cub PA18

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Treat yourself and fly on a legendary plane. In a Piper Cub PA18, you will have sensations and an unrivaled view.

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To flight on Piper Cub PA18, you must become a member of the club (60€). The rate is 2.5€/min. 

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Piper Cub PA18-19:

After World War II, Piper resumed civilian production of the J-3 and launched several derivatives. The PA-18 is the Cub's latest development and remains in production without significant change from 1949 until 1994. It will also have military reconnaissance and liaison versions, the L-18 or PA-19. The PA-18 was in continuous production at Piper from 1949 to 1981 with a total of 10224 manufactured.

(Source: Wikipédia)


Our PA-18 is a former aircraft of the land component of the Belgian army. It served as a reconnaissance and liaison aircraft.

The OO-SPQ has the canary yellow livery of the Cubs when they were delivered to the Air Force in 1952.

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