Circuit 2 : Francorchamps - Coo - Fagne of Malchamps

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Right after take-off, the circuit 2 takes passengers to first fly over the most beautiful racing circuit in the world. Then, the plane takes the direction of the Coo hydroelectric plant, its different basins as well as the Coo waterfall and the adjoining amusement park. The walk ends with a flight over the magnificent "Fagne of Malchamps".

Flight duration: 20-25 minutes

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Spa-Francorchamps racetrack:

The Spa-Francorchamps circuit hosts the Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Spa endurance race each year. It is one of the favorite circuits of racing drivers because of the variety of its layout which allows them to showcase their talent. It is sometimes nicknamed the "toboggan of the Ardennes"

(Source: Wikipédia)

Coo power station - Theme park:

The Coo-Trois-Ponts hydroelectric power station is an Electrabel pumped storage power station located not far from the Coo waterfall (on the Amblève). The power plant itself is located underground, between, on the one hand, two upper basins located on Mont Saint-Victor in Brume and, on the other hand, a lower basin which occupies an old meander of the Amblève. The difference in height between the upper basins and the lower basin is 275 meters.


(Source Wikipédia)


"Fagne of Malchamps":

Covering an area of 359 ha, the Fagne of Malchamps is a wild natural area which rises to an altitude of 576 meters. It can be considered as the most western part of the "Hautes Fagnes" region.


(Source: Wikipédia)

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