Circuit 4 : La Gileppe lake - Dolhain-Limbourg

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The first destination of this aerial walk will delight lovers of vast wooded areas since the Gileppe dam is camping in the Hertogenwald forest, the largest state forest in Belgium, located in the Hautes-Fagnes. The hydraulic dam of Gileppe, located on the territory of the Municipality of Jalhay, is known for its monumental lion of 13.5 meters high overlooking the lake. The other destination of this magnificent promenade is the medieval town of Dolhain-Limbourg, not far from there, where the Vesdre flows.

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La Gileppe lake:

The dam takes its name from the La Gileppe river, the Hautes-Fagnes river, a tributary of the Vesdre. The dam is a hydraulic dam, inaugurated in 1878 by King Leopold II and well known for its monumental statue representing a lion. It was built at the request of Verviers wool producers who wanted to have enough pure water for their textile industries. The wall of the Gileppe dam is one of the oldest in Europe. The prime contractor was the engineer from Liège Eugène Bidaut (1808–1868). The capacity of the lake is 25 million cubic meters.

(Source: Wikipédia)

City of Dolhain-Limbourg:

The city gave its name to the former Duchy of Limburg and the province of Limburg. Today the small town is made up of two parts: on the one hand the lower town (Dolhain) with the Vesdre and on the other hand the historic upper town with the ruins of the castle, the ramparts and the picturesque Saint-Georges square with its 18th century houses and cobblestones from Vesdre.

(Source: Wikipédia)

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