The Royal Aéro Para Club de Spa asbl invites you to discover the pleasure of aerial sport by flying over our magnificent region

Introductory flight (also called "first flight" or "discovery flight" or air trip): 

We take you on board of one of our planes to discover our beautiful region: the Blue Ardennes. Seen from the sky, Spa and its surroundings offer exceptional and varied landscapes. You will fly over the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, the most beautiful racetrack in the world, the Fenns (Fagnes) or even the many lakes, La Gileppe, Robertville, Bütgenbach. From the airfield, you can also discover the city of Liège, Verviers, Aywaille and, who knows, fly over your house and your neighborhood.

It is also an opportunity to discover the practice of aerial sport.

At any time of the year (weather permitting), our licensed and experimented pilots will take you on a flight through these hilly landscapes, tinged with green or gold, dotted with rivers, lakes and waterfalls. In the distance, perched on a hill or hidden behind a valley, picturesque villages will appear, their old buildings or their castles in ruins. Seen from above, the world brings its part of enchantment. Come and taste it and let yourself be intoxicated by our aerial excursions.


Discover our excursions: 9 different circuits or one free flight.

Circuits Destinations Time Participation fee
  Free flight < 60' 3,2 €/min
1 Francorchamps racetrack 20' 65,0 €
2 25' 80,0 €
3 Malmedy - Roberville lake - Francorchamps racetrack 25' 80,0 €
4 Limbourg - La Gileppe lake 30' 95,0 €
5 Remouchamps - Aywaille - Sprimont - Castel of Franchimont 30' 95,0 €
6 Around Verviers 35' 110,0 €
7 Land of Herve 40' 130,0 €
8 Tour over the lakes 45' 145,0 €
9 Over Liège City 50' 160,0 €
10 Vielsam - La Roche 45' 145,0 € 
11 Barvaux - Durbuy - Coo 40' 130,0 €
  Flight in Piper Cub (need to be a member of the club)   2,5 €/min + 60€


Do you want to join the club?

Becoming a member of the club costs 60 euros a year and allows you to benefit from a preferential rate on flights. This is an attractive option if you wish to make several flights during the year or if you wish to make a flight to another airfield and land there.
You can access the website and participate in club activities. And have a longer trip with a pilot from the club.

During flights, 2 other people can accompany you in the plane (4 seats on board).

Obviously, the 9 circuits described above are also accessible for members.



The rates

The participation fee of a flight depends on the flight time and the number of passengers.

For a single passenger, we use a 2-seater plane (Cessna 150 or Piper Cub PA18).

For a flight with 2 or 3 passengers, we use a Cessna 172, 4-seater plane


Free flight
Normal participation fee (<60 ') Member participation fee
  Passengers Passengers
  2-3  2-3 
Free flight in Cessna C150 or C172 3,2 € /min 4,5 €/min 2,5 € /min 3,8 €/min
Flight in Piper Cub PA18 - 2,5 € /min


Circuits Time Normal participation fee (€) Member participation fee (€)
    Passengers Passengers
    1 2-3 1 2-3
1. Francorchamps racetrack 20' 65,0 90,0 50,0 75,0
25' 80,0 115,0 65,0 95,0
3. Malmedy-Lac Roberville-Francorchamps racetrack 25' 80,0 115,0 65,0 95,0
4. Limbourg - La Gileppe lake 30' 95,0 135,0 75,0 115,0
5. Remouchamps - Aywaille - Sprimont - Castel of Franchimont 30' 95,0 135,0 75,0 115,0
6. Around Verviers 35' 110,0 160,0 90,0 135,0
7. Land of Herve 40' 130,0 180,0 110,5 150,0
8. Tour over the lakes 45' 145,0 205,0 115,0 170,0
9. Over Liège City 50' 160,0 225,0 125,0 190,0
10. Vielsam - La Roche 45' 145.0 205.0 115.0 170.0
11. Barvaux - Durbuy - Coo 40' 130.0 180.0 110.5 150.0


Do not hesitate to book a flight on our booking page.

You can also offer a flight to a family member or an acquaintance.

For more information and registration : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone number +32 (0)470 64 68 28

The date of your flight will obviously depend on the weather conditions and the availability of our experienced pilots.


Two solutions for the payment :

  • In cash or by bancontact on the day of the flight;
  • Gift Voucher payable in advance by bank transfer: we send it by post either to you or to the person to whom you make the gift. Allow 10 days for the administrative procedure.



  • Each aircraft has a maximum limit for the weight of passengers (Weight and Balance). If your weight exceeds 90 kilos, we will have to use a 4-seater plane. So even if you are the unique passenger, we will use a Cessna 172 4-seater plane for safety reasons. The fare will be that of 2-3 passengers.
  • If a passenger is younger than 18 and the parent is not in the plane, we require written authorization from the parent. Attached is the authorization form to be filled and signed. (Autorisation_Parentale_Vol_RAPCS.pdf).
  • After booking, you will be put in contact with an approved pilot for introductory flights or an instructor for an initiation flight. We will try our best to satisfy your desired date, but aviation is highly dependent on weather conditions. If conditions are not optimal, we will agree on a new date. Safety is our first concern.

Cessna 150 : 2 seats

Cessna 172 : 4 seats

Piper Cub PA18 : 2 seats

Cessna 182 : 4 seats





Photos © RAPCS asbl