Circuit 3 : Robertville lake - Malmedy - Francorchamps racetrack

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This promenade allows you to discover various landscapes of the Ardennes: the winding lake of Robertville, the beautiful city of Malmedy, known in particular for its famous carnival and finally the most beautiful racing circuit in the world. This aerial circuit will leave sublime images in the eyes of each passenger.

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Robertville lake:

Robertville Lake is a reservoir. Covering an area of 62 hectares, it is located on the territory of the Municipality of Waimes, in the Hautes-Fagnes-Eifel natural park. With a height of 54.50 m, its length is 182 m. Many activities take place there: fishing, boating, mini-golf, tennis, swimming.


(Source: Wikipédia)


Malmedy is one of the municipalities of the Cantons de l’Est, attached to Belgium in 1919 in execution of the Treaty of Versailles. Malmedy is located at the confluence of the Warche and the Warchenne and is nestled in the heart of an exceptional green setting. Known in particular for its famous carnival, the city is a major tourist and cultural center.

(Source: Wikipédia)


Spa-Francorchamps racetrack:

The Spa-Francorchamps circuit hosts the Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Spa endurance race each year. It is one of the favorite circuits of racing drivers because of the variety of its layout which allows them to showcase their talent. It is sometimes nicknamed the "toboggan of the Ardennes".

(Source: Wikipédia)

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