Free flight/promenade: Choose your targets yourself



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If you have a specific target in mind within a 40km radius of Spa (your house, your village, a place of interest, ...), we can take you there.

The duration of the flight cannot exceed 60 minutes. You pay for the flight according to the number of minutes required for the journey.


Duration of the flight: at your convenience (<60 minutes)

Price: see prices

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Point of interest

You have always dreamed of seeing your favorite monument seen from the sky.

Don't hesitate, we'll take you there.

Your house - your village

Fly over your house or your village and take original photos.


When booking, specify your desired destination. We can prepare the flight in advance and confirm that your project can be realized. Indeed, certain zones cannot be overflown (military spaces, zones close to airports...).

We'll provide you with an estimation of the flying time.


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