Do you want to taste and enjoy the feeling of flying, beyond a simple first flight?

For 215 €, we propose you an initiation flight.

 The program is the following and can be done in French or in English:

  • You are welcomed by one of our instructors.
  • Your instructor will give you a briefing of about 45 minutes in the classroom. It includes simple explanations of technical flying, performance, the different parts of the aircraft, description of the airport, flight preparation, ... This is illustrated in an introductory manual (in French) that you keep at the end of the briefing.
  • Then with your instructor you prepare the aircraft, a Cessna 150/152 two seats: with the pre-flight check-list: external and internal inspection, checking fuel and oil levels...
  • You are then ready for a flight of about 50 minutes in the vicinity of the airfield in which you experience the "flight envelope" of the aircraft take-off, cruise, manoeuvres, and of course landing while enjoying a nice view on the Ardennes and the Fenns. For some parts of the flight you will be in command under your instructor's supervision.
  • After landing, your instructor will do a "debriefing" of the flight.

It takes about 3 hours in total.

And of course, after all of this, you and your instructor deserve a final drink Cool

There are two ways to order and pay this initiation flight:

  1. in cash on the day of the flight;
  2. gift voucher paid in advance by bank transfer; it is sent by post to you or to the person of your choice. It takes about 10 days to process your order.

Feel free to contact us by e-mail (in French or English) or by phone. The initiation flights are only by appointment on any day of the week or during the weekend depending on the availability of the instructors and on the weather.

Email contact is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.